Sweet Like Chocolate

Valentine's Dinner Romantic Setting

Everyone loves chocolate. I believe this to be fact. Show me someone who doesn't love chocolate and I'll show you a liar. But seriously, I don't think I've met anyone that doesn't at least like chocolate. I personally love it. Family size bar of Galaxy Caramel to myself? No problem. I do have an unusually high tolerance to rich foods. Just give me a spoon and a tub of extra thick double cream and I'll be happy. Oh, and I'll have that whole block of Cambozola then, if it's going spare.

But in our increasingly health conscious society, how can I enjoy this gluttony knowing about all that processed sugar, empty calories and fat. Well I don't. I do have some self control. But I am pleased to see the increasingly good press chocolate is getting over recent years. Just some of the health benefits are as follows:

Chocolate is full of minerals like iron, zinc and potassium. Excellent. Studies suggest it is good for your skin and can protect against skin damage. Really? That's a new one on me. We are now being told that chocolate can actually help you lose weight (amazing!) - a little square of chocolate before and after a meal will help you feel fuller. Chocolate is a mood enhancer, releasing endorphins when it is consumed. A reason why it is linked to romance and love. Studies have also shown that is can be good for your brain, heart, circulation... The list goes on. Chocolate also gets further good press by being included as part of the Sirtfood Diet. The diet everyone is talking about in 2016. Sirt foods activate proteins in the diet called sirtuins that can make your cells stronger and can mimic the effects of exercise and fasting increasing the speed of weight loss. 

However, please don't rush out and buy your family sized bars of fruit and nut just yet. This is dark chocolate we are talking about. The darker the better. So with this is mind I decided that dessert at our Valentine's Supper should be an extremely healthy dark chocolate truffle torte with salted peanut brittle and raspberry sauce.

Actually, it was due to the fact that most people do love a chocolate dessert. It's failsafe. And chocolate is the food of love after all.  Of course it's not healthy. But a little indulgence once in a while is fine by me.

Chocolate truffle torte with peanut brittle