Spice Mixes

Salt the Radish make a number of herb and spice mixes in house. Dukkah, Za'atar, Masala and Spiced Sugar. They make really great gifts. Hint Hint. You can buy the spice mixes individually but also have two gifts sets which include recipes showing how to use the spice mixes at home.
We use these spice mixes every day in the café. The za'atar is used in our salads on top of roasted vegetables, dukkah is sprinkled on top of our chorizo brunch dish, spiced sugar is sprinkled on our porridge and masala is used for our masala potato brunch dish with crispy fried eggs and mint yoghurt. It's delicious! So if you want to try before you buy you know where we are!
We make an extra special effort to make sure our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. This includes compostable stickers, tape and no plastic.