Avocado toast with feta, tahini, sumac and chimichurri on toasted seeded sourdough.

Mon, Apr 11, 22

Spring / Summer Menu Has Landed.

Spring / Summer Menu Has Landed. We’re very excited that we’re getting some warmer weather and some lighter days. It makes everything so much better, doesn’t it? Our menu has...

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A brunch spread at the café featuring peach and blueberry granola and soy chilli eggs.

Wed, May 19, 21

Dine-in Again Again.

Dine-in Again Again. Indoor hospitality is open again (again) and the timing is perfect because this weather sucks. Hailstones and torrential rain one minute and blue skies the next. Hardly...

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Poached eggs on toast with feta, dill, pickles and cumin oil.

Mon, Apr 19, 21

May Happenings.

May Happenings. Outdoor hospitality is open again and, although that doesn’t include us, we are excited! We’re excited to be able to visit our hospitality friends in Finsbury Park and...

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