Make-At-Home Brunch Kits

Brunch Brunch Cafe Cafe Salt the Radish

Our courgette and sweetcorn fritter dish: a stack of fritters topped with chilli jam, halloumi and a poached egg with avocado on the side.

Make-At-Home Brunch Kit

You can now order make-at-home “banana bread works” and sweetcorn fritters brunch kits. These are two of our favourite brunches and we’ve been working hard to get them back in your home. Although you can get these dishes to takeaway from the café already (collection and via Deliveroo) we know that nothing beats a freshly made, hot, straight to the plate brunch. So we devised make-at-home kits that come with a recipe card on how to put them together. Don’t worry we’ve still done most of the hard work for you. Please check out our web shop for more details.

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