Supplier Spotlight: Bird and Blend

Cafe Sustainability Sustainable Supplier

Person holding our delicious earl grey iced tea outside of the café.

Throughout summer we like to play around with different iced teas, like hibiscus and rose or green tea and lemon. At the end of summer our focus will turn to hot drinks but our OG iced tea: Early Grey, elderflower, lemon and mint (made with Bird and Blend Earl Grey tea) will stay on throughout the winter. It's just too good and very popular all year round.
We love Bird and Blend. Their teas are obviously fantastic but they're also a great company with a huge focus on sustainability and the environment. They're reducing their carbon footprint and aiming for net zero emissions, all of their packing is recyclable or compostable and they're working towards becoming B-Corp registered, which is huge!
They do tonnes of charity work....
"We are passionate about supporting causes that are close to our hearts and help the people & environment around us. There are so many different ways that we help different charities every day, including fundraising & awareness-raising activities, TEAm volunteering days & our ChariTEA of the Quarter Programme which so far has raised £55,904.38 and counting!"
They're also a lovely fun bunch who have a great work and team ethic. Please check out what they do here.


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