Supplier Spotlight: LemonAid

Person with a white t-shirt and lemons on holding two glass drinks bottles of lemonaid and limeaid.
Lemonaid and ChariTea products contain only organic ingredients and are Fairtrade-certified. The Foundation is a non profit organisation, which supports initiatives which work to improve social, economic and ecological structures in the Global South. This work is primarily funded through the sale of their drinks and since 2010 they have raised more than 6 million euros.
The Foundation places responsibility and ownership for the implementation of projects with local partners and they aim to contribute to agricultural development, education and training. 
For example, the women empowerment project of the ‘Jyothi – Seva Kendra Trust’ in rural Karnataka supports women through training and education, contributing to their vision of a more gender equal society. They have the opportunity to undertake vocational training and participate in educational programs with the aim of them either entering well-paid employment or starting their own business, and therefore gaining financial independence.
In Rwanda, a project there aims to support marginalised and vulnerable young women and men to become successful agricultural entrepreneurs. The project aims to offer a new perspective on agriculture as a competitive career choice. The program will provide participants with practical agronomic training, business and financial skills development, as well as a mentoring program to boost their motivation and self-belief. In cooperation with the Foundation the project will empower more than 1000 young participants to significantly increase income, confidence and resilience by building an understanding of the agricultural market and by providing experiential learning and practical skills.
There are many more Projects to read about on the Lemonaid and ChariTea website which can be found here.


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