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Climpson and Sons café front on Broadway Market.

Sustainable and Ethical Coffee

We have served Climpson & Sons coffee at the café ever since we opened in 2017. Our first encounter was at London Coffee Festival where their “The Fields” espresso stood out among the crowd of many many other coffees. This coffee was probably the most interesting espresso we have ever tasted and led us to get in touch with them about wholesale supply.
From day one they have been fully supportive of everything we do, continually offering training and further development for our staff. Not to mention throwing the best parties. Nitro espresso martini on tap? Yes please!
They source ethically and sustainably and all of their coffees have a transparent story. They pay a higher price to their producers with the mindset of forming relationships year after year.
We use “The Baron” espresso in the café which is from the Daterra Estate in Brazil. Coffee from this estate is grounded on environmental preservation and social development. Daterra started as a cattle and avocado venture. Once becoming a coffee plantation, repairing the ecosystem and land has been a priority and dedication to the environment is a constant theme. They really look after their workers too. Pay rates aside, there are cooked meals every day, regular social gatherings and great free health care. You can feel the love in the business, the passion for the product and for pushing it forward together.
During the COVID-19 crisis they started The Beanstalk Project to support small and medium coffee roasters. They made a commitment to planting 1 tree for every kilogram of roasted Daterra coffee (like The Baron!) sold during lockdown. The final numbers are in and they have committed to planting a new forest with 37, 493 trees, an area the equivalent to 20 hectares, in Brazil. Amazing work.

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