Women Who Run North London

Finsbury Park IWD2019 Salt the Radish Small Business Update

Two images here: our menus in their wooden box at the café and owner Kat behind the counter in a black jumpsuit

Women Who Run North London

“In honour of International Women’s Day 2019 we’ve sat down with some of the amazing women running businesses in Finsbury Park and Stroud Green to talk about how they got started, if gender has impacted their experiences in the workplace and what advice they have for aspiring female business owners and leaders. Our “Women who run North London” series will feature these interviews, published across the next two weeks, debuting today with Kat, owner of Salt the Radish on Blackstock Road – a beautiful café and coffee house (not to mention home to some wonderful supper clubs)”

Read the interview here..

Our hot sauce shelf at the café full of lots of different hot sauces.

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