Not just brunch and coffee...

Posted on November 06 2022, By: Kat Halliday

Have we told you about our homemade spice mixes? 
 We like to use high-quality ingredients at Salt the Radish, and as part of that we make as much as possible in house, from scratch - and that has always included our spice mixes. We started off making our own dukkah in 2017 using chunky hazelnuts, paprika, cumin, sesame and lots of other spices. 
We then moved on to za'atar, then spiced sugar, and most recently we started making our own masala.
 You can buy the spice mixes individually (at the café and online) but we also have two gifts sets available, which include recipes showing how to use the mixes at home. Maybe a good Christmas gift idea for that cooking-obsessed friend? Or for that family member who wants to expand their repertoire of dishes?
 We use these spice mixes every day in the café. The za'atar is used in our salads, liberally shaken over vegetables before roasting, as well as in our tabbouleh. Dukkah is sprinkled on top of our chorizo brunch dish for an extra bit of crunch; spiced sugar is used in our hot chocolate specials and masala is used for our masala potato brunch dish with crispy fried eggs, mint yoghurt and green chutney. It's delicious! So if you want to try before you buy you know where we are!
 Our gift sets come in branded packaging and we can include a hand written note, if you want to send the gift directly on.
We make an extra special effort to make sure our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible. This includes using compostable stickers and tape. All of the packaging is made from card and the glass jars can be recycled or re-used.